jewelry care

Our designs use vintage, organic and resin materials, and a variety of different metals.  None of these items will be happy with harsh chemicals. Do not use soap or detergents to clean a piece.  Generally speaking, a soft (flannel), slightly damp (water) cloth will do the trick. Gently brush the bead or finding with the cloth. Do not rub.  Put your lotions, potions, and creams on first and let them air dry before adding any jewelry. This practice will help to lengthen the life of ALL jewelry, whether you got it from Snazz and Festoon, or Tiffany's.  Do not spray perfume on a piece. It may smell good, but it will wear your piece down in addition to possibly removing color a bead might have been given. This is especially true for pearls, whose luster will diminish from alcohol in perfumes.  Our pieces should stay out of the pool. But, if you do accidentally dive gracefully into the pool with your jewelry on, rinse it off with clean water as soon as possible, and let it dry completely before wearing again.  

We recommend that jewelry be taken off before bedtime. Take it all off.  The wear and tear on your jewelry is increased by your body's movement beneath the sheets. Even those high quality Egyptian Cotton sheets work like sandpaper on your jewelry (prong settings for precious stones especially). 

With a little care your pieces can last a long time, giving you years of enjoyment.